Research Profile

The University of Siegen is a research-oriented university with the goal of promoting excellent, internationally recognized research. As the driving force and mirror of developments in society as a whole, universities have a duty to contribute to the solution of current and future societal challenges and to transfer scientific insights to society. The guiding principle of the University of Siegen “Shaping a humane future” characterizes the mission and actions in research, teaching and transfer. Two of the major challenges, namely the comprehensive digitalization of all areas of life and the transformation towards a sustainable economy and society, intersect all research areas.

Thereby the University of Siegen is committed to the principles of Good Scientific Practice, to the respect of different cultures across disciplines and research directions, the trusting and open handling of scientific discourse and the recognition and appreciation of the achievements of researchers. Its goal is to maintain the existing variety of research topics and to further develop a balanced relationship between individual research projects and collaborative research projects.