Internal funding programs

The University of Siegen supports scientists and scholars in the implementation of their research projects by providing start-up funding, funding for young scientists, support for high-performing researchers and premiums for the acquisition of third-party funding. In addition, international networking is promoted through a visiting professorship program. In addition to the central university internal funding programs, there are other funding opportunities in the individual schools.

Internal Research Funding (HIFF)

Eligible to apply: Scientists of the University of Siegen, starting with postdocs
Funding subject: Initial funding of a third party project, Support of young researchers in case of a successful application
Funding goal: increase research activities and the volume of third-party funding to an above-average level in NRW
Amount of funding: variable, depending on the project
Important Documents (german): Richtlinien, Antrag

Funding of Coordinated Research Groups

Eligible to apply: designated Professors at the University of Siegen
Funding subject:

  • initial financing for the preparation of coordinated research projects in the application and funding phase
  • If the application is successful, a personal allowance is granted for the spokesperson
  • Granting of a research bonus and personal allowances in the event of successful recruitment
  • Reduction of teaching load only in well justified cases

Funding goal: Increasing participation in coordinated programmes as a speaker university (DFG)
Amount of funding: after individual consultation with the university administration

Research Bonuses

Eligible to apply: Scientist at the University of Siegen, who have acquired a third-party funding
Funding subject: Bonus for third party funding
Funding goal: Rewarding active scientists and incentive for new research projects
Förderbetrag: The amount of funding depends on the type of third-party funding.
Wichtige Dokumente: Research Bonuses

Promotions Scholarships

Eligible to apply: Promovierende der Universität Siegen
Funding subject:

  • Promotions Scholarship of Friends and sponsors of the University of Siegen: 1 scholarship for 2 years (Call gets published each year in spring)
  • House of Young Talents/ Young Academy: 12 scholarships for 2 years

Funding goal: Support of Young Talents and increasing promotions at the University of Siegen
Amount of funding:

  • Promotions Scholarship of Friends and sponsors of the University of Siegen: 1.600€/Month
  • House of Young Talents/ Young Academy: 1.500€/Month+ Material grants

Important Documents: Guidelines Scholarship of the Friends and Sponsors of the University of Siegen (german), more information on the website of the HYT.

Support of master students (annual tender)

Eligible to apply: Master students of the University of Siegen
Funding subject: House of Young Talents/ Young Academy: 40 scholarships for 2 years
Funding goal: early support of young talents
Amount of funding: House of Young Talents/ Young Academy: 400 €/Month+ Material grants
Wichtige Dokumente: Further information can be found at the House of Young Talents

Funding for equality and gender projects

Eligible to apply:

  1. Female doctoral candidates and postgraduate students
  2. Scientists at the University of Siegen

Funding subject:

  1. Transitional Financing of Doctoral or Teaching Candidates: 6 months
  2. Funding of gender studies-related research: 1 year

Funding goal:

  1. Promotion of doctoral and postdoctoral degrees for women
  2. Financing of projects to improve the situation of women in the university system and gender mainstreaming

Amount of funding:

  1. Transitional scholarships: 800€/Monat
  2. Depending on the project; total annual volume 15,000€.

Important Documents: Tender


Internal Research Funding

Dr. Nadine Hoffmann
Phone: +49 271/740-5077


Tina Pickardt
Phone: +49 271/740-4949

Förderung von Promovierenden

Dr. Daniel Müller

Dr. Daniel Müller
Phone: +49 271 740-5079

Förderung von Projekten zu Gleichstellung und Gender

Dr. Elisabeth Heinrich
Phone: +49 271/740-2227