Internal funding programs

The University of Siegen supports scientists and scholars in the implementation of their research projects by providing start-up funding, funding for young scientists, support for high-performing researchers and premiums for the acquisition of third-party funding. In addition, international networking is promoted through a visiting professorship program. In addition to the central university internal funding programs, there are other funding opportunities in the individual schools.

Internal Research Funding (HIFF)

Eligible to apply: Scientists of the University of Siegen, starting with postdocs
Funding subject: Initial funding of a third party project, Support of young researchers in case of a successful application
Funding goal: increase research activities and the volume of third-party funding to an above-average level in NRW
Amount of funding: variable, depending on the project
Important Documents (german): Richtlinien, Antrag

Funding of Coordinated Research Groups

Eligible to apply: designated Professors at the University of Siegen
Funding subject:

  • initial financing for the preparation of coordinated research projects in the application and funding phase
  • If the application is successful, a personal allowance is granted for the spokesperson
  • Granting of a research bonus and personal allowances in the event of successful recruitment
  • Reduction of teaching load only in well justified cases

Funding goal: Increasing participation in coordinated programmes as a speaker university (DFG)
Amount of funding: after individual consultation with the university administration

Research Bonuses

Eligible to apply: Scientist at the University of Siegen, who have acquired a third-party funding
Funding subject: Bonus for third party funding
Funding goal: Rewarding active scientists and incentive for new research projects
Förderbetrag: The amount of funding depends on the type of third-party funding.
Wichtige Dokumente: Research Bonuses

Doctoral scholarships

Eligible to apply: PhD candidates at the University of Siegen
Funding subject:

  • Promotions Scholarship of Friends and sponsors of the University of Siegen: 1 scholarship for 2 years (Call gets published each year in spring)
  • House of Young Talents/ Young Academy: Up to 5 scholarships. The calls generally get published once every semester (equaling to twice per year). The maximimum runtime of a scholarship is 3 (2+1) years.

Funding goal: Support of Young Talents and increasing promotions at the University of Siegen
Amount of funding:

  • Promotions Scholarship of Friends and sponsors of the University of Siegen: 1.600€/Month
  • House of Young Talents/ Young Academy: 1.500€/Month+ Material grants

Important Documents: Guidelines Scholarship of the Friends and Sponsors of the University of Siegen (german), more information for the scholarships of the HYT Young Academy on the website of the HYT.

Funding for equality and gender projects

Eligible to apply:

  1. Female doctoral candidates and postgraduate students
  2. Scientists at the University of Siegen

Funding subject:

  1. Transitional Financing of Doctoral or Teaching Candidates: 6 months
  2. Funding of gender studies-related research: 1 year

Funding goal:

  1. Promotion of doctoral and postdoctoral degrees for women
  2. Financing of projects to improve the situation of women in the university system and gender mainstreaming

Amount of funding:

  1. Transitional scholarships: 800€/Monat
  2. Depending on the project; total annual volume 15,000€.

Important Documents: Tender


Internal Research Funding

Dr. Nadine Hoffmann
Phone: +49 271/740-5077


Tina Pickardt
Phone: +49 271/740-4949

Förderung von Promovierenden

Dr. Daniel Müller

Dr. Daniel Müller
Phone: +49 271 740-5079

Förderung von Projekten zu Gleichstellung und Gender

Dr. Elisabeth Heinrich
Phone: +49 271/740-2227